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  • Planet Fitness 3.8
    A great gym that is very affordable.
    This is a great place from the first impression, but it gets dull afterward
    We need to provide better customer satisfaction.
    to work as a team
    Sometimes managers can be lazy sometimes.
    more promotions and more hours

  • Pinghe Paper 2.9
    good experience as an entry level

    good supervisor, team is friendly.
    What does leadership need more of from you, and other employees, to improve performance and/or the workplace:
    should give more chances for employees to speak
    allow lower level workers to speak out.
    the office is not bright enough
    the office layout should be less stressful
    Offer Pinghe Paper management advice or feedback to improve performance and/or the workplace:

  • Petco 4.3
    I love animals and love working to support them.
    We should get to know our customers better.
    Management needs to train new employees very well.

  • Plasticon Germany GmbH 2.7
    kann beser werden und spaß machen
    klare info, bessere Kommunikation
    vieles zu verbessern - so sollte es nicht weiter gehen

  • PMO 3.9
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  • Progen Pharmaceuticals 3.7
    A failed effort to attempt to build a strong drug development company.
    Develop the vision that is shared by not only the employees but also with shareholders and other stakeholders. Build a vision platform that is enviable to others in the industry.
    Develop a strong vision and mission that is shared by all employees. This will build a strong common perspective that enables all to pursue a set of common goals and objectives.

  • Polytechnic For Women 3.6
    it was a good learning expereince to set up my career goals
    better service for old and new students
    provide quick service to people in need

  • Peppercorn 1.8
    Great products; horrible morale
    Perhaps some feedback
    better communication; ban negativity

  • People Investments 4.2
    I am happy to work for People Investments.
    Build intranet site for the company.

  • Parkland Hosptial 2.6
    Mine is very positive

  • Parkland Hospital 3.5
    In 9 months I\'ve alny had two bad days at work.
    Be accountable, visionary
    Make clear how individual jobs/employees task help to achieve goals.

  • Path Mark 3.9
    It helps me provide for my family.
    Path Mark needs very little to improve
    We should put more focus on making the customers more aware of the specials.

  • Payless Shoe Source 3.9
    I worked in Payless for to years and it is like my home.
    We should strive to become managers.
    Managers should not be close friends with employees.

  • Penn Elcom Ltd. Hardware China 3.9

  • Payless Shoesource 2.2
    Employees are overworked and underpaid.
    Payless has much to work on. They treat their staff with little respect. They need to pay more or expect less.
    We are really under paid.
    If Payless shoe source can motivate their workers then maybe performance will increase.
    Payless\' staff is underpaid. Most of the work falls onto the sales associates and no compensation for our hard work is provided. I suggest Payless boost pay and find better ways to target customers in order to profit from sales.
    Payless expects much from their employees. We are neither rewarded for a job well done nor paid enough to do what is required of us.
    Workers need some motivation and some positive feedback.

  • Project Division 3.1
    Make your own duties
    Morale Confidence Vitality
    Managers need to be told the staff his personal career planning and prospects more clearly.

  • PRP Tehnologies 4.9
    Excellent place to work with open culture and leadership.
    Return on Investment
    The team work is functional but still I found the scope for improvement.

  • Sapiens 3.5
    Strugling to turn Sapiens into a learning solutions company.
    I need to be listened regarding investment. We have market, we have product but we don\'t have resources to go deep into the business. That can become a strong obstacle in near future because we will not be able to deliver as we promised.
    We need to create a Vision and be communicated about strategies direction. We need CEO invest in developing business. WE are able to do much more we have being done.

  • RiverBank Park 3.2
    Easy going job but can be rather dull sometimes.
    Being more aware of our customers safety is what leaders new to enforce.
    My team works well enough that improvement is out of the question.

  • Regent Garment Co. Ltd 5.0
    I have learned different lessons in the organization, especially leadership and practical management skills and social responsibility. It is a good working environment which i have ever worked before.
    Think positive and find solutions to solve the problems and lead the team to improve the process
    The organization is a good company which i have ever worked with and i like the management style and leadership here.

  • Seacraft Yacht Sales 3.8
    A good place to work that will be great one day!
    Keep up the efforts to improve your contact with customers

  • Sears 3.3
    My experince working at Sears was good, I learned about the retail experince
    overall a good company to work for and great experince in sales
    need to have better review cycles with management
    need more career growth within the company
    sears is a good company to work for with great career growth

  • Security Industry 4.9
    Good relations, good prefomance, Exelent security
    Treat all as humanly as posible.
    Always be honest, work as a team,be proud to be in the industry.Then you will happy in your work and promotion will follow

  • Securitas USA 3.3
    A great place to work for with good benifits.
    For my co-work to understand that the comapny is always changing and to lean that you need to change with the company.
    Great Company to work for.

  • Regal Entertainment Group Cinemas 3.8
    Overall, a great working environment.
    Leadership needs our employees to care more and put in extra effort.
    Better communication skills between managers and employees.

  • Reed Business Information 2.7
    selfish upper level management who goes back on their word
    We have a great company and great people and we need to communicate better department to department.
    They need to do a better job of communicating specific tasks. I need to do a better job of going the extra mile individually without being told what to do.
    management should treat employees better
    We need to communicate better department to department.

  • Radison 3.4
    A good opportunity to interact with foreign tourists and learn more of the hotel industry
    better training to interact wth tourists
    Offer better services since it is close to the airport. A great opportunity to offer better service to tourists.

  • Qingdao New International Corporation 4.4
    it is an amazing experience and I learned a lot from it.
    listen to the ideas of staff often

  • Ramco Group Of Companies 2.9
    A place where new and old meet and amazingly..... manage to generate revenue!
    sensitization to new way of managing people, assignments and projects. Additional training.
    put written systems in place and make sure they are followed.

  • Rapid Tax 4.0
    Great place to work during the tax season.
    Rapid Tax works well in teaching new workers on how to effective work and perform according the companies needs.

  • RedStarGuanxi 4.0
    Good but a little crazy at times!
    Good workplace, nice boss
    Good but could do better
    Persistence and commitment to customer will exceed our expectations
    More working as a team and morequality output - sometimes we are too rushed
    More action, less talk
    Boss should communicate more - tells rather than asks Too reactive rather than proactive - sometimes feel we never know what is next
    Work more with customers

  • RDC LLC 4.7
    RDC is the best place for creative development.
    piupifpfp ifpi7fpou\'lihpiougpiufpouyf
    It is clear that not all associates have the same level of commitment toward assisting Clients.
    Hold more meetings to communicate company direction and philospophy
    hpp8v bioh[oih[ihbou[ogh[ogh[oih

  • Parker/Haniffin 2.8
    I love my job, but employee to employee relationships cause undo stress.
    They need to hold everyone to the same expectations
    Everybody seems to work on thier own set of rules. There is no straight cut guide lines that must be followed by everyone on every shift. Each shift tends to opperate differently.

  • Park Royal 3.4
    a lot of intereaction between me and our customers.
    better tips on each serve
    offer better customer services than other hotels

  • Mount Sinai Hospital 4.3
    Mount Sinai has been a great job experience so far!
    Sometimes I feel that I should be more attentive to my surroundings.
    Mount Sinai has provided me with the best work experience so far.

  • Mosaic Sales Solutions 4.3
    Positive learning experiance for me
    More contact and commuication with reps

  • Morrell Catering 3.8
    Good pay, fun co workers but the timings are a little weird (6pm- 3am)
    Cooperation and attentiveness because it makes work easier for everyone
    Be more understanding when waiters are tired.

  • Museum Of Modern Art 4.3
    Visit the M.O.M.A. It is a wonderful place to appreciate art.
    It is nice to have leaders who care for their workers.
    Keep supporting the arts and successes will continue.

  • Nanjing Turui Technology Co., Ltd 5.0

  • Navco 2.2
    Unless your in sales, skip this company.
    Blue collar workers are over worked and under paid. Support staff is underpaid but work a normal 40 hour week. Sales are extremely well rewarded for doing a poor job, and not selling the correct equipment. Sales bonuses are very high while other workers bonuses are very low.
    Party less often at expensive venues.

  • Narolac 2.9
    overall, it was a good experience.
    a better and free communication with clients
    offer better incentives on bringing new clients.

  • Montefiore Hospital 4.7
    It was has been a pleasant experience. I just wish there was place for advancement.
    They are doing a great job!

  • Monsanto - J.F. Queeny 4.3
    Plant management are fair and really cares about people.
    Sometimes we are slow to embrace new technology.

    We can do it, and we do it well.
    I think leadership must have a standard set of rules and expectations of what they think every employee is capable of accomplishing in a 8hr work day. This in turn will improve performance of every employee to reach the goal that is set for them. If this can not be done by certain employees, then as sad as this sounds we need to get someone else who can.
    Now that we have gone to scanning, and everyone is trained to pick, pack, receiving, etc. then we all should be at the same level to perform our expected tasks in an efficient timely manner. No slackers, no excuses. We should all be basically working at the same pace. We should be able to get all orders for the day out and some for the next business day.

  • Medicare 4.2
    Ich bin zufrieden mit meinem Arbeitgeber das was fehlt ist Personal und das ist halt bei anderen Pflegediensten auch so
    Es fehlt an qualifizierten Personal
    das gesamte Personal sollte mit einem Handy ausgestattet werden damit eine schnellere Erreichbarkeit gewährleistet werden kann.

  • Meta Copper And Alloys Ltd 3.3
    Personal Career Goal & organizational Goal must be allied
    Clear Cut responsibilities & Right Feedback on Performance

  • MHANY Management, Inc. 1.8
    MHANY Management has a long way to go in improving the working culture.

  • Molecular Devices 2.3
    Yet another Danaher company, 9-5 workplace, limited growth and talent development opportunities.
    Move away from a tools-manufacturer mindset with a sweatshop attitude and model best places to work.
    Focus on talent development and employee engagement; Increase corporate social responsibility. Move away from Danaher traditional methods of leaning and stacking of work on existing resources, creating a culture of scarcity, and excessive focus on bottom line while loosing talent.

  • Models 3.5
    Offers great discounts for employees.
    I should make sure that the exact change is always given back.
    Managers should keep a close eyes on the cashiers.

  • New York Community Bank 4.5
    New York Community Bank is dedicated to ensuring that their customers and employees are happy and satisfied.
    Take everything into consideration that the employees may have to say no matter how you feel about the situation.

  • New York Studio 3.2
    Managers are nice people but they need to learn how to encourage others.
    Employees should learn how to entice our customers.
    A raise would be great we are under payed and we work really hard.

  • ODY Accessories 3.5
    A nice location for women\'s accessories.
    If we could give them more sales they would be happy.
    Managers don

  • NYPD 4.6
    I do not know where I would be without NYPD
    A keen eye and is very important to have while being in the force.
    All an officer needs is a reliable partner.

  • Old Navy 3.3
    A place filled with genuine, happy workers seeking to provide quality customer service.
    Leadership needs to see that we are enjoying our jobs because customer service is a significant aspect of a part-time retail job. If we are happy, customers are generally happy.
    Allow part-time workers to perform more tasks so that work does not become tedious and repetitive.

  • Oracle 2.3
    Little gear in a big machine.
    Treat your employees well and they will work hard.

  • Paraxel 3.5
    Learned about the customer service experince which made me learn about great communication
    should work on the Career growth

  • Org360 4.4
    have not done anything yet
    It is encouraging, exciting and full of knowlege.
    Leadership is critical to an organization. The leadership quality in employees could guide an organization to success.
    Have not done so. Need experience.
    The workplace is friendly. Nothing needs to change.

  • NYC Lifeguard 4.6
    I really enjoyed working here.
    Keeping watch of the pool should be my main priority.
    My manager can be too kind sometimes.

  • Not Evolved Yet 2.5
    fjk fhljfjfjfkjkfjkfjklf

  • New Yorks Parks Department Lifeguard 4.8
    If your above the age of 16 and are looking for a place to make a decent amount of money then life-guarding is for you.
    The parks department really knows how to treat their employees. They will always be mindful of what the employe has to say.

    It is a good university but needs to be better serve the students with better facility.
    Good university but needs to grow for new students,

  • News America Marketing 1.6
    Not a good experience for me, I waa not allowed to give feedback
    need to communicate with employees

  • Newt Global 3.4
    Leading edge woman-owned business with agressive growth plans.
    More feedback would definitely be beneficial to all
    Managementcan be very stodgy in discussing issues or dealing with staff requests. The owners are well-meaning and very concerned, but don\'t deal as well with

  • North American Airlines 4.4
    I loved my internship experience here.
    They would like for us to learn everything they teach.
    They provided me with a great experience.

  • NIIT 3.3
    The experience was alright. However, it could have been better.
    Better communication skills to interact with new students and better knowledge of the organization which requires better training program.
    Improve the quality of service for students as well as employees.

  • Shanghai Chengguang 2.9

  • Shangri-La Pudong 1.9
    Shape up or ship out!
    Honesty, Integrity, Vision,
    Leadership Team needs to be updated

  • YMCA 3.9
    YMCA is a decent place to work at.
    They need us to keep watch of the water.
    The hours we work without breaks are to long.

  • XiDian University 3.7
    It provides me very valuable experience and bring me into the world of software.
    I think it\'s more creative thoughts.
    I think our organization should communicate more so that we can know what we are considering and can find more useful advice.

  • Workplace Stars 4.4
    I love being part of this great workplace.
    It was a great environment that made me feel excited to come to work everyday, proud of the work, and part of a team.

    I have learned valuable skills from my Workplace Stars internship
    This opportunity is what you make of it
    need to be more organize for a better understanding of workplace star
    good flexibility nice atmosphere
    sd asd asd asd asd asd asd asd asdasdas
    Through working in there, one can learn a lot about the knowledge needed in work.
    Empowering culture and friendly place to work
    Lots of opportunity if you are willing to earn it.
    This internship is flexible to allow lots of self-learning
    Hey, I for one enjoy working under bob as he is a great human being and workplace stars is a great place to work and grow
    I\'ve learned to work with people as a team to complete tasks that I wasn\'t able to on my own.
    Challenging, learning, managing and communicating experience
    NICE workplace and nice Boss
    the experience is just fabulous
    Challenging work everyday!
    This company is headed for greatness!
    Amazing and unforgettable.
    This is a company that
    We learn as much from interns as hopefully interns learn from us.
    給workplace stars員工建議來提高工作表現和/或改善工作環境
    Summarize your workplace stars experience in one-line that will appear on our map
    We can improve the workplace if we had more face to face meetings and more time dedicated to the internship.
    I needed to take this opportunity more seriously
    everybody should be more serious on what they are doing
    passion and enthusiastic
    Hardworking and creativity.
    discipline myself to have regular work hours even when no one is looking
    encourage self learning and solve problems as a team.
    Teamwork, commitment, promising and hardworking
    More people need to enjoy it.
    my personal work objective is opaque
    Communication is needed for better leadership.
    Be more curious, ask more questions
    More face-to-face communication. More office hours.
    Management need to give more incentives.
    The internship was great, possibly a little more guidance on certain projects.
    Performance in the workplace could be improved with a more reliable team atmosphere. Sometimes team members fall behind, and this hinders everyones success.
    more job definition would be helpful
    need better management, and ready have to find more members to increase incomes.
    nice people & good experience
    In there, one can learn a lot about what you need in your work.
    We need to meet more often as a team because it is difficult to work as separated team
    This place is a fantastic place to work in, but we must have more focused goal oriented parctices to be able to get everyday work done so that we may be able to achieve our goal of creating a 5 star workplace.
    I\'ve leaarned a lot from this internship, skills that I wasn\'t really familiar with such as php and mysql.
    So far so good. Keep it that way!
    I like this place to work, in this group I am so happy to work with my team-mates
    great place to work and great people
    A clearer plan can be made in advanced.
    Interns working remotely have not disciplined themselves to regular work hours. This contributes to fuzzy accountability and low trust.

  • 上海百联 3.1

  • 上海第一食品有限公司 3.3

  • 上海雷允上药业 3.7

  • 上海花旗银行 3.9

  • Wipro 3.6
    drives through designer strategies that users may find impractical or ineffective
    Good learning of issues and problems and you get to derive a laundry list of
    we\'re known to be be flexible and extremely customer centric
    trust in people and encouraging risk-taking
    Leadership here has a problem and it runs like a family political system even at smaller groups. New joinee\'s take a lot of time in adjusting to the scenario and either get trapped in the politics or just walk out.
    Listen to frontline staff to align strategy and execution
    Proper work definition and assignment, they should understand what the other persons view, rather than enforcing their own view which could have worked at one point of time and may not be applicable this time. They should consider partial work from home options as that increase the work productivity. One of one meetings with higher ups need to be mandatory and avoid the middle management mis-communication/interruption and should say out of politics

  • Westchester Marriott Hotel, NY 1.7
    Good location! Sluggish management right now!
    Team Work, fair job division and good communication
    Good company! Bad management right now.

  • US Census Bureau 4.3
    It improve my communication skills and team work.
    I think it is good right now.
    It will be better to provide more working hours.

  • University Of Shanghai For Science And Technology, Sino-B... 2.8
    Great flexibility. Friendly leaders. Nice work place.
    Better communication skills and higher quality in products
    Leaders should communicate with their employees often.

  • Victory Partners 3.2
    Why is this question being asked?
    This is not correct, now is it
    Management needs to get out of their offices and spend more time seeing what\'s really going on.

  • VisionPoint 4.0
    Rich in ideas but poor in resources

  • Walmart 3.7
    Provides plenty of jobs for people.
    Managing our stations well, is key for improving.
    We are under payed and it needs to change.

  • Walgreens 2.6
    It can be a dangerous work environment sometimes.
    Believe that the customer is always right.
    Managers are not aware of how many things are stolen.

  • 中国地质大学(北京) 3.9

  • 中国工程公司 3.0

  • 篱笆网 4.4

  • 环宇设计研究所 3.1

  • 深圳银雁金融配套服务有限公司洛阳分公司 4.1

  • 西安外国语大学 3.6

  • 郑州英思力美语 3.6

  • 金利安房地产 2.8

  • 郑州银雁洛阳分公司 4.1

  • 河南省通信建设监理有限公司 4.1
    活力 士气 自信

  • 毕达教育 5.0

  • 国网北京经济技术研究院 3.9

  • 华南理工大学 4.2

  • 大港油田 3.0
    充分调动全体员工参与公司管理的积极性, 创造性,鼓励员工针对公司现状提出建设性的改善意见或改革方案

  • 宏德网络科技公司 2.8

  • 橘子酒店 3.8

  • 株式会社ABC 5.0
    我党红旗飘万代,我国伟业展千秋! 奋斗 + 坚持
    人的一切痛苦,本质上都是对自己的无能的愤怒。 我用一生的脚臭,换你一世的浮沉
    為株式会社ABC管理提供建議或反饋來改善工作表現和/或工作環境 :继续维持,开发市场

  • United States Government Printing Office 2.1
    The U.S. G.P.O. provides the most toxic and demoralizing work environment I have ever encountered.
    Leadership needs more feedback from us, and not feel threatened by it, and needs us to work more closely as a team. As of now, we are not encouraged to collaborate to solve problems; we are instead supposed to bring any question or problem to a supervisor, who may or may not help to solve the problem satisfactorily. We are totally unempowered on almost every level. Leadership needs to empower us to feel trusted and confident in what we do.
    Professional employees need not be micro-managed. Most of my fellow employees are extremely conscientious and competent at what they do, yet they are treated in threatening, punitive ways. For instance, we are expected to produce an unrealistic number of records in near-perfect form. Effort and decent performance are not rewarded. (In fact, some good, challenging, hard work is totally ignored.) Mistakes are the focus of any feedback by supervisors, in a toxic, shaming way. Exacerbating matters is the fact that supervisors often mark mistakes inaccurately, and to reverse the “charge,” the employee has to go through red tape and humiliation, and the personnel profile may or may not be changed. Strengths and weaknesses should be weighed and used in strategically advantageous ways, and appropriate assignments made accordingly. There is no comprehensive, current documentation, and valid inquiries about procedure go largely unanswered, leaving us vulnerable to the capricious and inconsistent mercy (if there

  • United Postal Service 4.8
    UPS is a great place for employment. It is a great environment with potential for moving up the ranks.
    I think leadership needs me to work more efficiently.
    Sometimes management should listen to its employees

  • Stony Brook Telefund 3.0
    The pressure put on employees and the lack of motivation causes poor performance.
    Very fun experience; worked with great people and gained a lot of experience.
    They need a more solid and interested work group
    Motivate employees and reduce the amount of pressure. Performance will increase that way.
    I wish they would give more to the employees a little more.

  • Stony Brook 4.0
    Stony Brook experience is a complete package of understanding and fulfilling customer requirements
    Leadership helps to keep things in order so that we are always organised and ready to serve our customers at anytime
    It would be better if they could keep separate counters for different types of meals

  • Staples 4.2
    Managers treat us well and we repay their efforts.
    Wonderful experience I enjoyed working in staples.
    I haven\'t been working since long with staples. However,Staples is really up to provide great customer service. I could say from my little experience.
    We employee perform very well there is no need for improvement.
    The work force works well as a team.
    Leaders should concerntrate more to the new employees for on-floor training.
    All managers should have the same goals in mind.
    Managers have a tendency of picking favorites.
    There is nothing much to improve. All is going in a manner it supposed to be.

  • Stony Brook University 4.2
    It\'s fun and enjoyable to teach and have this student to student interaction.
    Being a RA is a great leadership opportunity, which makes you responsible and has several benefits.
    Absolutley loved my experience here
    Great experience I\'ve never had.
    blah blah blash blah b
    I have had a great experience working at Stony Brook.
    An amazing experience I have ever had!
    I was once told that I work with the best
    better tutoring skills for students.
    Better communication between staff and residents
    I think the staff members here are great and do a good job. Maybe we could put a bit more effort into going to extra mile.
    Focus on the big picture, still concentrate on the small ones, and execute the task with 100% hard-working.
    blah blah blah blah blah
    Focus on the big picture but do not forget small ones.
    I think my supervisors need creative ideas from me to improve the services we can deliver to the students.
    inform more students about tutoring
    Introduce staff before the training program. It would help working on programs with staff.
    This is a great job and our supervisor provides excellent training but financial recognition would be nice.
    Just move faster, and response more quickly.
    This is a test blah blah
    Financial recognition is very important. It can be as simple as a tiny raise. Working without the prospect of a raise makes it hard to feel recognition for working hard.
    Just move faster, and increase efficiency.
    I think the university offices ought to adopt

  • Stony Brook University 4.4
    they are very good enough

  • Studio One Hair Designers 2.9
    Potential was not reached here
    We are stuck in the past here and need up to date training.
    Workers need to be motivated to go the extra mile
    We could use more training to perform better but management needs to provide us with those opportunities.
    It would help if they had workshops to develop our skills.
    We are so old-fashioned here. Management needs to get with the times.

  • Strat-O-Matic Game Co 3.9
    Small business with unique work environment.
    modify product and lower prices.

  • Standard Charted Bank 3.1
    one year experience in SME field
    leadership style should be changed
    more decoration in the workplace

  • SPNS Consulting 4.3
    My work experience with SPNS Consulting Consulting has been a wonderfully expository and career uplifting experience. If I have to choose again there is this 100% assurance of me sticking with SPNS.
    SPNS is a great workplace that produces quality,professionalism and dynamism.
    A new, eye-opening experience.
    Encouraging operational excellence
    A place where quality, professionalism and dynamism is an experience fo all
    As an executive and a founding member of SPNS Consulting, I have exposed to various multidimensional work systems, methodologies and expertise. these are unquantifiable valuables to me as a person.
    The major leadership expectation from me to aid in the improvement of of the workplace performance is basically the continuous creation of work enabling environment. This share aid in the improvement of service delivery from the internal customers first to SPNS and to the external customers
    Seamless communication
    Innovation and drive.
    Nothing at the moment
    Work towards gaining more mastery that shall aid in the achievement of the set industry leadership goals.
    The leadership and career direction should be uphold
    Steady clear cut instructions, that are standards by which the organization runs, unless under extreme conditions

  • SIFT 3.5

  • Shelf Tech 1.3
    Did not communicate with employees at all
    Litsten to employees and give feedback when needed

  • Singapore Learning 1.8
    An effective leader inspires people; people motivate themselves.
    A new General Manager who possesses 21st century leadership acumen.
    Replace the General Manager with someone who is emotionally intelligent, collaborative and capable of inspiring people in the workplace.

  • Sisonke HR Consulting 4.2
    A results driven organisation driving people and organisational performance.
    A young, dynamic HR consulting firm that embraces client partnership in the delivery of its people solutions.
    Young, dynamic organisation committed to driving organisational performance.
    Commitment and customer focus.
    Commitment, Customer focus, flexibility - since we are still a young and growing company.
    Differentiating factor to be ahead of the game in a highly competitive market space. Ability to diversify.
    A strong need exist to diversify and not only focus on public sector as a key focus. To this end, the company would be able to sustain itself even under difficult makert conditions.

  • South China University Of Technology 4.2
    Good. Learn usefull knowledge.
    Put more attention to students\' full education.
    SCUT is a good university. Good study environment. High Education Level.

  • Smith Haven Mall 3.5
    Working here is not all that bad.
    They need to use me as a manager.
    Managers should keep people stationed at the Dressing room more often.

  • Subway 4.0
    It is a very simple job.
    Not a big fan of a kitchen.
    We need to always be active.
    Serve the customers as quickly as possible.
    Managers need to make flexible schedules.
    It would be nice to choose our own hours.

  • SUNY Stony Brook 4.4
    It is overall good. But there are loopholes in management that need to be addressed.
    If it it possible, we\'d better try more product and encourage our students to use the more efficient tools. Thanks!
    It is very good place and really worth the money.
    better monitoring, and listen to the employees
    Currently the only requirement would be more active participation from all the group members.
    need better management of employee performance
    If it it possible, we\\\'d better try more product and encourage our students to use the more efficient tools. Thanks!
    The course bucket requirement could be made a bit more flexible.

  • Tompkins County Chamber Of Commerce 4.4
    Fun and exciting learning experience.
    I need to track results, methods, and suggestions for events and tasks.
    Employees need to work on interpersonal skills to form a more cohesive team. Responsibilities need to be clarified and communicated.

  • Tjewins 4.7
    communication, transpotation
    the leader need to have strong self-confidence and have a whole picture about the future of the company.
    we think our team need more training.

  • Tongcai School 4.0

  • Trading Technologies 3.7
    A good company to work for but more focus is needed on development of product. A can do attitude needs to be adopted to keep us in the game.
    More face time. Regular contact to keep the information flow at its best and open communication so that challenges and achievements are addressed.
    Look outsides the confines of Chicago and the US markets. There is a world of opportunity and plenty of money to be made. If we open up our minds to doing new things and accept that things are done differently else where in the world we will be a better and stronger company. We have done good a good job so far but we lack creativity by closing our minds, through stubbornness

  • United Bank 3.3
    great banking experince and product knowlege
    3 years working experiences
    should have good inspiration
    should have career growth within team
    more allowance and benifit should be provided

  • Ugz Store 4.1
    Ugz gave me a great opportunity by providing me with flexible hours.
    If we can hone our team work skills we increase sells.
    They gives us lots of opportunities and flexible hours.

  • The Change Place 5.0
    This is a test of review !
    Growing and helping to change the world!
    Deeply engaging and richly rewarding
    Continue doing just what you\'re dong!
    The leadership of The Change Place is setting the foundation for building a strong future as a leader in the industry by modeling promising practices- open communication,and collaboration. Feedback is welcomed and reflection is practiced by the leadership;employees feel honored and appreciated.
    The Change Place provides invaluable training that encourages their clients to learn, grow, overcome obstacles, and reach for the stars. Keep doing what you\'re doing and get your message out to as many individuals and organizations as you can!
    Employees at the Change Place are encouraged, supported, and welcomed to provide new ideas, processes, and feedback. This opens up opportunity for the development of strong partnerships and collaborations.

  • The Bristal Assisted Living 3.3
    Enjoyed my time. Excellent people, work environment and overall experience.
    The ability to go above and beyond the call of duty and give customers the care they deserve. A desire to help our elders while promoting successful aging.
    Improve the rewards system and find ways to promote employee satisfaction and motivation within the workplace.

  • Taeyang America Corporation 1.4
    Horrible place to work, bad management, workers treated unfairly.
    They could get more from us if we were taught properly.
    I believe you should revise your training techniques.

  • T-Mobile Store 5.0
    Working at T-Mobile has been a very pleasant experience.
    I feel that I can try harder to hit sale numbers.
    Management is doing a great job. Keep up the great team work.

  • Taiwan Hi-Tech Corporation, Ltd. 4.4
    Experiences help to get closer and listen to people.
    What they feel about the future of the company.
    Pay more attention to the need of employee.

  • Target 3.5
    It\'s a great store but managers need more experience.
    They would like for us to work faster.
    We have to many workers who don\'t no which section they belong to.

  • The American Museum Of Natural History 3.6
    This experience was not one of my favorites.
    Employees should learn more about the artifacts.
    Being tour guide is a simple job yet management still pressures us.

  • TGI Fridays 3.8
    A nice place to bring friends and family.
    management would like for us to follow all the rules of the work force.
    They give us great support when we need it.

  • McGraw Hill 5.0
    For such a large company there is a caring atmosphere
    This company has a good balance between driving the business model and concern for people

  • Mc Donalds 2.5
    I disliked the workplace very much.
    It is a decent experience not too hard of a job.
    As a worker i should probably show more customer satisfaction.
    Leaders need us to make customers buy more stuff.
    Managers need to encourage their workers more.
    managers should encourage their workers.

  • Carrabbas Italian Grill 3.5
    A great place to work, however it is stressful because of the lack of communication.
    Through more direction I can give more of my self to the workplace
    More direction is neccessary and more communication.

  • Caridad 3.8
    We serve one of the best Latin food.
    We need to keep up the good work.
    We have to much workers and it is not necessary.

  • CA Technologies 4.9
    This is a great company and is customer centric and treats employees like family
    This is a Company where management cares about employees

  • Carson Consultants 5.0
    Carson Consultant\'s has been the best career decision I\'ve ever made.
    Client feedback has been wonderful so we must be doing something right!

  • CBLG Associates 4.8
    Deeply committed for extraordinary performances- relating to mutual goals- with successful outcomes (together).
    CBLG Associates values and promotes teamwork.
    Stop, Think, Discuss, Plan, Act, Evaluate.
    CBLG Associates can continue to improve if they listen to staff concerns and ideas and act on them as positive suggestions.

  • Cgi 3.8
    Had a great experince working at CGI. I learned a great amount of information from my peers which helped me get a new job
    CGI is a great company to work for. I learned a great amount of consulting industry.

  • Cc 2.5
    一个学习的过程 有时很辛苦 但也算值得。
    最大限度的支持配合领导工作 做好自己的本职工作
    缺少管理人才 多数员工不积极态度查 团结度为零

  • C Town 3.7
    We a strong and reliable business.
    It provides food and money for me I cannot complain.
    We are the best in the area so we have little competition.
    All of the workers should the companies interest in mind.
    If we can learn how to work as a team we can work a lot faster.
    Hard workers help out any business.
    We need to entice people with lots of saving opportunities.
    Employees need more benefits to repay our hard work.
    The managers should inform workers of businesses plans.

  • Buena Vista Glass And Windows 4.8
    Buena Vista is a great place to work at, overall.
    Buena Vista is doing great with employees. I would suggest that they work on their chain of command.

  • Booz Allen Hamilton 3.9
    my best job - great company
    give lower level employees a voice

  • Boon Seng Restaurant 3.1
    This restaurant is okay if you are looking for a part time job.
    No leadership role is given to waiters.
    Don\'t be too stingy towards your employees.

  • Boulder Creek Stakehouse 1.5
    We needed more motivated employees and better managers.
    Needs more motivated people. Employees were more interested in making money then making customers happy
    Listen to the advice employees give.

  • Bronx Zoo 4.0
    It continues to be great work enviorment.
    Become more understanding of their workers.

  • Brunel GmbH 3.5
    A company with a great working atmosphere. Employees do have a high level of motivation.
    Employees should state wishes, suggestions and criticism.
    Great working atmosphere. Increase motivation and show achievements.

  • Brookhaven Hospital 1.4
    Lacking in respect and open communication with its employees.
    Communication needs to be open in both directions.

  • CGI New York 3.0
    My experince at CGi was very good I enjoyed working there
    need more growth advancement and pay raise
    great place to work for

  • China Oil 3.7
    Summarize your China Oil experience in one-line that will appear on our map
    What does leadership need more of from you, and other employees, to improve performance and/or the workplace
    Offer China Oil management advice or feedback to improve performance and/or the workplace

  • Cowan Liebowitz 2.2
    Staffing is inadequate given the level of service for clients required
    I am a workgroup of one
    More transparent communication about expectations and results

  • Corner Bagel Market 2.1
    I regret ever working here.
    The manager needs to get there act together.
    Very poor control of the business.

  • Contractors Register 2.6
    Non-responsive management. Management needs to learn how to stop dictating and begin inspiring staff to achieve more.
    Allow the staff to express and contribute instead of trying to beat the work out of us with threats.

  • Credit Suisse 5.0
    Love going to work. Employee friendly
    Effective Teamwork and collaboration
    Very nice environment to work

  • Crystal Group 4.9
    More proactive, self learning and motivation, can do, multitasks
    Self-learning and motivation. More trainings.
    The Group can save more redundant costs to encourage their workers and staff.

  • Dairy Barn 4.4
    could not wait to go to work Great company to work for
    Fun job and they do care about their employees keep up the good work

  • Cue 7 2.8
    often frustrated by unrealized potential
    a wake up call about what things are really like
    better plan resources to demand; be able to act according to strategy and plans; gather more input from team up front

  • Communispace Corporation 4.9
    A fantastic organization where I\'m able to exceed my goals and have a great time doing it.
    Communispace always gives me tons of opportunity for growth and I can\'t say enough about how much fun I have working here!
    Set a better example for work/life balance.
    They need everyone to be committed to our employee promise.
    Continue to be open and transparent.
    Communispace is great and I love working there!

  • Columbia University 4.9
    Columbia University is a great place to work. There\'s much flexibility.
    Columbia gives us a great dynamic to form our own method of work.

  • Citigroup 2.7
    was an enjoyable work experience - could have used my skills at a higher level
    if you want quality employees pay them better

  • Cibc World Markets 3.2
    Good experience as an intern
    working hours, attention to detail
    Provide career opportunity for interns

  • Cleantech Rocks 4.9
    Cleantech Rocks will transform your view of the Cleantech Industry for the better.
    Due to Cleantech Rocks Non-Profit status what they need from me and from their employees is louder and more enthusiastic advocacy for the cause of the Cleantech Industry.
    Although Cleantech Rocks management knows the Cleantech Industry quite well they need to improve their awareness of the true issues and problems affecting the Cleantech Industry in general.

    Good product in a hostile environment.
    We need to remember that we must communicate all project ideas several times before we go forward with them.
    Management created a culture of shame by signaling out those who did not do what it wanted, and punishing those who had new ideas.

  • Colorado Association Of School Executives 4.3
    An excellent experience in every way.
    Find ways to involve staff in decisions

  • CO2 Partners, LLC 4.3
    This is interesting I am curious how the output helps
    We need more of more to understand this tool.
    Try this to see how too works

  • Boeing 2.4
    Great products despite chaotic business processes.
    Not a great place to work or learn, but it may be worth the experience.
    We are wasting too much effort on managerialism instead of managing and leading. We address audit findings without analysis, instead of focusing on the key business drivers. When the issues are brought up, we get blank stares because Core doesn\'t understand what we are talking about. It is very scary because very bad and confused decisions seem to becoming more frequent instead of less. Lean+ may be abandoned because they failed in the implementation of the principles and in leading the change - again. Leadership cannot be delegated or directive.
    Raymond Lyons needs to back off.

  • Black Hound NYC 4.0
    One of the best bakeries in NYC.
    All they require is that we work as a team.
    Best managed job I have ever had.

  • Agrodana Futures 3.9
    Agrodana have a good leader,manager and team.
    agrodana must responsible to manage all client\'s money carefully not just luking for advantages individually but have to take a risk for everything happen in client\'s money.

  • Agate School 4.4
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  • After School Center 3.0
    It help put some change in my pocket for not to much work.
    There is not much more that we can do to improve the work place.
    The pay was to low to motivate workers.

  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine 4.6
    Smart, social-mission driven team.
    We should all get to know one another better!
    Promote a more social workplace environment that might encourage even more collaboration.

  • Amathole District Municipality 4.1
    people driven approach
    reports on good work done
    good and outstanding achievement must be financially rewaded

  • AMC Theaters 2.9
    Love the benefits I get.
    We employees should cooperate and work together.
    Managers should help hire reliable employees.

  • Amboy Bus Co./ Atlantic Express 1.8
    Goals? Myself and many other employees can strongly agree with this....... We have no idea what Amboy really excepts.
    The company strongly needs to be investigated.

  • Aeropostale 3.3
    Working at Aeropostale has been a good experience, but can be better.
    I feel I can work on boosting up sales in our store.
    Management could work on organizing the store productiveness, but overall management is doing a great job.

  • Actors Theatre Workshop 4.4
    This is a test of Review !!
    This is a test of Review

  • Abercrombie 3.0
    Relaxed, outgoing, fun environment
    Employee engagement & satisfaction
    Allow employees to have more of a variety in tasks.

  • A And J Mobile Detailing 1.9
    It will not pay you what it says. Will take your tips.
    It needs to pay what it says it is going to pay and not nickle and dime its employees.
    A and J mobile detailing does not pay its employees tips. It takes them all at the end of the day. If you bought a groupon with them, know that your tip did not go to the employee but to the business. The business also doesnt pay what it says it pays it just makes up what it wants to pay at the end of the day. So if you clean 4 cars at $25 each it might pay 75 or whatever they want. Be weary of this employer.

  • Accenture 3.7
    A positive challenge.
    They need to take actions on feedback for improvement
    Communicate more frequently top down.

  • Accurate Staffing Solutions 4.0
    It was an enriching work experience.
    The supervisors at Accurate Staffing are knowledgeable and helpful and offer a lot of guidance.

  • Actimize 4.5
    Good place to work. Market Leader. Works to keep its dominance.
    More cross-functional communication. Product should do more to educate everyone of the myriad features and functions within the product. It\'s terrible that some well-trained customers know more than experienced Implementers and Architects.

  • AcmePlace.Com 4.1
    3 years and 10 months

  • American Eagle 2.8
    I only worked here because i needed money.
    They should give us more breaks to save energy.
    The work load can be exhausting to us employees.

  • American Red Cross 4.0
    The Queens organization is a great place to work.
    Happiness came to me in things like being help to listen and advise a Haiti Quake survivor in person.
    We need more recognition for volunteers.
    It would be nice if ARC has a better career growth plan for its volunteers and employees.

  • Bank Of Madura 1.6
    It was great experience , a healthy relation within staff and customers.
    A great staff, managers and a very nice experience.
    customer satisfaction is the most important thing
    It was acquired by ICICI.
    was acquired by Icici bank

  • Bancroft 4.1
    Overall I have good experiences with Bancroft as a whole it does a great many things for those with disabilities, but with any company it is not without fault and without equal communication and understanding there will always be an internal rift that will divide the company quietly.
    The many job-coaches and vocational mangers are an integral part of the holistic milieu of Bancroft. In order to make Bancroft better there needs to be a time when staff can review other staff and offer honest and sincere opinions without fear of backlash from those who are in higher positions and have made certain questionable connections with others that allow them to get away with doing harm.
    Residential managers need better communication skills and understanding. Many residential mangers are guilty of physiological mistreatment and it evident when you speak to the person served. It is disheartening to know that as a job coach you are met with condescending tones, snide and rude comments and are made aware secretly written emails that hide the true facts by mangers to higher ups that cover their tracks when you try to help the persons we serve. Its a shame that they don\'t review the residential mangers performances legitimately outside paper forms filled out by close co-workers who are not honest in their opinions. Let alone, most importantly interview the person served living in the houses and ask them how they feel about their staff.

  • Beechtree Care Center 2.6
    Not the most comfortable and motivating work environment.
    More people centered employees who enjoy working with elders in a nursing home environment.
    Find more people friendly employees who have an affinity for our elders and who truly enjoy working with nursing home residents.

  • Benchmark Asia 2.3
    It is a good experience.
    i think the leadership need more intelligence from all the employees
    no comment or suggest for the company to improve performance and / or the workplace because... ...

  • Benchmarkasia 3.4
    it is a good experience
    well-organised group structure.
    It is a good experience...
    more intellegence and,,,
    more active to achieve the goals and learn more about the objectives that need to be achieved. more involved in the company.
    there is no comments
    More clear regualtions. More clear objectives that company would like to achieve More clear rewards and punishment.

  • Benchmark Asia Consulting (Suzhou) Co., Ltd 4.0
    I worked as an consultant assistants and gained a lot here.
    I need to learn more about leadership and I need a model leader
    The leaders should have an agreed goal on where we are going

  • Badi International 4.1
    it is like a self-improvement process.
    I realy like the work environment in this company. But I also want to improve it. My suggestion is doing more research and more marketing.

  • Ashay Offset 4.9
    Good work culture with good enough rewards.
    A great place to work
    lucky man lorem ipsum
    A little more flexible hours
    Everything is just fine
    Great place to work if you are serious about it
    yes actively and its been an experience
    Hoping third time lucky

  • Aon Consulting 3.3
    Very customer focused. Not unified across business services.
    Aon still needs to be better unified across business lines.

  • American Stock Exchange 3.4
    I enjoyed working here because I had a manager and supervisor that trusted us to do a great job. Our team enjoyed each other and we were able to share our personal lives openly and honestly.
    Leadership would need to understand the individual needs and desires for growth and development in terms of a continuous career in financial services.
    The American Stock Exchange was acquired in 2008 by the New York Stock Exchange. It did not at the time remain competitive in terms of creating desireable proprietary data products in a timely manner. An organization like this should have had a team of core staff committed to developing ideas from concept to launch. This type of collaboration was missing from the organization.

  • Apollo Agency 3.1
    easy environment, but tired
    orientation for new employee is necessary
    promotion policy should be clearer

  • Architen Landrell Associates 2.2
    Class divided top down control with little long term concern for employees. Favouritism rules.
    Open communication without fear of later reprisal
    Allow teams real autonomy. No micro-managing please.

  • Arrow Electronics 3.4
    Arrow is a good, but not exciting place to work
    good place to work but getting boring and not challenging anymore as I hit the plateau
    Arrow Electronics México es una buena empresa pero siempre podría ser mejor
    Arrow is predictable and grinding.
    The culture is typical big company predictability
    so old, same old corporate regimen
    Compromiso, tiempo, buena actitud.
    The recent cuts have been too deep.
    Arrow US always take Arrow Canada for granted
    El ambiente de trabajo en Arrow Electronic México no es el optimo y esta lejos de serlo

  • Aricent 4.1
    Great place to work! Abundant learning opportunities.
    Empower people, make them accountable and recognize when the job is done.
    Improve communication at all levels.

  • DARTY 3.7
    very difficult to integrate into my sales team because the team leader didn\'t show any appreciation.
    The leaders need to improve the quality of training and communication between supervisors and employees.
    Darty should improve the way of training their employees and improve a pay rise to motivate them.

  • Day Care Center 4.3
    My day begins with helping the children settle into the classroom setting.
    They are doing a job well done!

  • Ithaca College Catering 4.4
    I absolutely love IC Catering it has provided invaluable experience in a great learning and time sensitive environment, it has helped improve my communication, leadership, organizational, and management skills.
    1. Hard work and dedication to the job is expected from each student, so when someone slacks off it looks bad on all of us. 2. Creating that group mentality where we are all in this together is key to providing motivation for completing events successfully
    1. Improve communication between upper management and student managers and subsequently student workers so everyone is on the same page. 2. Give student managers more work or push them to assist student workers instead of standing around or grouping together to chat.

  • It's All About Green 4.8
    At It\'s All About Green you\'ll find a group of individuals dedicated to the environment, a green lifestyle and to the highest level of customer service.
    In order to improve performance, better means of advertisement should be employed and seeked.
    Employees should be encouraged to earn commission.

  • IOWA Sports 2.3
    IOWA Sports is a very boring place to work at.
    I could be more involved by patrolling my station more often.
    We work alone, a partner would be highly appreciated.

  • Jadi Constructora, S.A. 4.3
    Jadi Constructora, S.A. is a very, very barebones family-owned small construction company from the Dominican Republic which produces high quality apartments at an affordable price.

  • Jin Jiang Tower Shanghai 3.2
    Always makes me lost power and confidence! Unsatisfied!
    Contributions spirit, effort and creative spirit
    Give more career training crouses to help improve staffs\' motivation as well as professional skills. The organization need new blood!

  • Kdkaka 2.0
    I do not want this to be published.
    I don\'t know. All I know is that as we watch all of us continue on as we always are, the management get much much richer.
    talk to us. Tell us what the direction of the company is suppose to be.

  • Kai Cable Inc. 4.4
    Different management makes us different from the normal cable suppliers
    I have no idea about it
    Team work need to be well organized and leaded

  • Inwood Boxing Academy 4.4
    We Need a better location to much competition.
    My manager would like for us to make the best fighters in the gym.
    Managers charge to much for membership.

  • InScope International 0.0
    24 hour a day workplace
    Typical levels of commitment and expertise in the organization.
    Company overall is a good workplace. Main issue is it is understaffed.

  • IBM 3.2
    great experience - but very long work hours and poorly paid
    it has a good company value so that I learn lots of things that good for my future work
    to give employees more benefits to keep workers work there
    1st level managers require more training on how to motivate and get a department to work well with another
    we should have more connection with other team, so we can address the problems more quickly

  • Hyatt 3.6
    A great learning experience in hospitality industry.
    improve the quality of service and better communication as these are important in hotel industry.
    better recognition of work well done

  • ICICI Bank 3.6
    It was a great banking experience in one og the best banks in India
    service should be offered at less hidden charges

  • ICICI Pudential 3.5
    Great opportunity for networking, however need to offer fixed income rather than commission
    make it a fixed income job rather than a commission based

  • Industrail Development Corporation 4.6
    A company that develops
    More training on leadership skills and recognistion of good work
    the Induatrail Development corporation is a great performing oragnaisation that has great potential, that encourages its employees to live up to the values that are set out.

  • IG Federal Electrical Supply Corp 3.4
    It is a well run family company, they strive to provide quality products at quantities our customers demand
    From the picker packers more focus is needed, no silly mistakes, from the sales office also more attention to detail
    Offer more feedback to workers, constructive criticism or compliment them. To often all I hear is yelling back and forth over who did what or who was supposed to do what.

  • Kelloggs Corporation 4.7
    Learned so much already and its great to be with a winning company
    Let new employees know exactly what is expected of them

  • KFC 3.4
    I just needed the money
    i have no idea i have no idea
    They need people who actually want to work there
    Mangement does not listen to us
    nothing zishu zishu zishu zishu

  • Management Performance International, Inc. 3.3
    Good place to work. Could be better with more direction.
    MPI needs to establish a clearer future direction.

  • Madison Square Garden 1.6
    Madison Square garden was an unprofessional environment and hard work is not recognized.
    Management needs nothing further from me.
    Management needs to be more organized and productive.

  • Macys 4.0
    I personally enjoyed my experience with Macys. It is great place to work.
    Macys was a fun experience with a small amount of stress factors.
    We could become more welcoming to customers.
    Managers are well aware on how to motivate their works.
    I worked in the children section and managers should help us out more.

  • MannOpeners 4.0
    It is a passionate business that i have lucky to be part of
    Great company to be associated with
    Be persistent and go about prospecting a lot
    As a Startup, need to stay focused on the areas of contribution

  • Mastek 3.8
    Scope for more R&D work .
    Need quality work and R&D within a very short span of time.
    Need more co operation from team members

  • Maurya Sheraton 3.2
    Good organization to get experience as a student
    It\'s great to work in one of the best hotels in delhi.
    more working hours, customer service
    Better communication skills as communication is very iportant in my area of work.
    Provide more career opportunity for interns
    there are many five-star hotels in Delhi. Customer satisfaction is the most important criteria in this industry. So a better and quick customer srvice.

  • Mastek Ltd 4.0
    More R&D Work is involved here .
    Within Less Time More R&D work is expected by Group Lead .
    Provide more scope for R&D

  • Macy's 5.0
    great team, promote within, discounts!
    Satisfaction of task assigned.
    Better leader, Better Team Work.

  • Lord 2.8
    Lord & Taylor is a great company, with great people; however the lower-level jobs need to be remembered and appreciated more.
    I could have been a better leader by delegating some tasks between our group to help the work go faster. We were not very close because we were all floaters on the floor. We were put with a different group every shift, sometimes multiple times within a shift. But a program could have been created to let all the floaters get to know each other. THen no matter who we worked with, we would all know each other.
    It would be great if they could have a designated person who worked with

  • Laguardia Community Colleg 3.7
    LaGuardia has been a great experience.
    I think I do the best I can do.
    Laguardia needs a bit more of organization and needs to further inform their employees.

  • Knowing Point 4.4
    This is a positive place to work and prosper!
    A better plan for future success.

  • Le Royal Meridien Shanghai 4.0

  • Leo Transline 4.6
    All in all a good workplace to work.
    More dedication to work even when not at the work place.
    Appreciate feedback from the employees

  • Long Island Science 4.8
    The work environment is fast-paced and expectations are high, but rewards are job flexibility and growth opportunities.
    Leadership needs to be more proactive in business development efforts and allow suggestions about what activities will provide adequate ROI.

  • Light In The Box 2.1
    指出问题所在,提出建设性的建议。 与其他部门沟通配合。

  • Home Depot Store - Valley Stream 4.2
    Home depot taught me to make a difference, to grow and become interdependent and to take team work to the next level
    Give employees the chance to give feedback on Ideas they have to make Home Depot an even better place to work

  • Hi Vee 3.2
    This is good and positive place to work
    We need to take more serious and embrace the training we receive.
    There\'s not enough opportunity to advance if you don\'t have a college degree.

  • Dutchess Community College 4.4
    An enriching and rewarding experience where I got make an impact on people\'s lives.
    A rewarding and enriching experience where I made an impact on people\'s lives.
    Cooperation and constant focus.
    Constant Cooperation and Focus.
    Work on ways to bring in more students because you have a lot to offer. Work on reaching them through social media and advertisement.

  • Duozheng 3.5

  • Dr.Paoli Ophthamologist 3.6
    It\'s a small place and there are lots of old people.
    I did what was requires from me nothing less.
    I really did not like my manager\'s behavior.

  • EASUN 2.8
    It is a wonderful capacity building organization
    When staff give honest feedback it should not be capitalized and used to punish them.

  • Ecumen 2.2
    bad place to work, bad place to die.
    Management need to start actually caring about the people they serve and not treating this like hobby farm.
    Management should find a way to use money wisely.

  • Enterprise 4.3
    A great experience that can benefit many.
    The cars need to be spotless to impress the customer.
    We need to create a deeper bond between manager and employee.

  • Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow 2.0
    ECOT = High stress + low pay + little or no respect from the management
    Leadership needs more feedback from the employees, to have a better understanding of the morale (or lack thereof). More importantly, they must listen to the feedback and use that information to improve the workplace.
    You leave a lot to be desired when it comes to making an office run smoothly. Please stop trying to keep an eye on your department by relying on hearsay from your leads. Perhaps you might have a better idea of what goes on in your department if you would spend more time around your staff and see for yourself.

  • Dr.Lucacel's Office 4.6
    He is a very wise and nice man I highly enjoyed working him.
    If we can all be on the same page we can probably work twice as fast.
    He runs his business very well.

  • Dr. Brian's Team In Shanghai China 4.0

  • Diamon A Ford 2.3
    Lack of communication form the top levels makes it extremely hard to do our job
    Even more hours spent at work already would make them satisfied more
    There is a strong need to improve the communication from the top to the bottom

  • Dev001 4.7
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  • Dowling College 3.4
    A stress free job and great co-workers.
    There is very little support for the adjuncts who are treated like second class citizens.
    Deliveries need to be our main priority
    Not all of the employees in the workgroup have a voice as to how things are done.
    We need a turn system for those we serve.
    Allow the adjunct professors to have more of a voice in the administration of the school

  • Dowling College Aviation 4.3
    It helps me pay my tuition i cannot hate.
    Leaders should be aware of who is charge of certain jobs.
    We as a team lack communication.

  • DP DOUGH 3.5
    I thoroughly enjoyed working part-time with DP Dough, it was a great experience for a college student, it allowed me to learn about the town of Ithaca, and the food industry, while making some extra cash.
    1. Hard work and dedication to our jobs 2. Taking some pride in delivering correctly and on-time
    1. More encouragement for delivering on time and correctly 2. A better defined system for picking up orders, where certain people will deliver to certain areas

  • Dowling College Computer Lab 3.2
    It is a great place for students to work and do homework
    Make sure all orders are taken out properly.
    Understand what kind of help students are asking.

  • Eurocir 2.9
    my first job. give me chance to study how to work.
    help to provide more and more advices.
    need definite and detailed documents of management. improve salary and benifit

  • Farallon Risk Group 1.8
    Failure to communicate in advance of changes.
    Don\'t have a single, overworked gatekeeper.
    Delegate both authority and ability to make some, well defined, decisions on how to proceed without having to run things through an overworked gatekeeper.

  • Great Hill Partners 2.3
    this was the worst job I ever had.
    Get rid of you director or administration

  • Gap 4.4
    A classic business model for a classic brand.
    Leadership needs more feedback on what our specific market (the Bronx) needs: Spanish signs, better information on sales. We also need more awareness in the realm of loss prevention.
    I suggest more options for workplace advancement (specifically outside of the specific branch) and more amenities for the employees - a warmer environment in the break room. Also, marketing organization (organization of displays and similar materials) should also be provided more room for organization purposes

  • Hartstrings 1.2
    DO NOT WORK HERE they will not give you breaks to eat, they do not value your imput or problem solving skills they just want smooth talkers to make a quick buck for sales associates!!!
    Better communication skills
    I believe that the company does not value the employees, they just want the most sales and the cheapest paid employees will do

  • HDFC Bank 4.0
    It was a good learning experience.
    traning to work well to the needs of the customers
    A good experience of the ankingindustry in India.

  • HGA/Quest 4.5
    The persuit of excellence was truly a rewarding aspect of my career with HGA
    Continue to put your customers first

  • Healthplan Services 1.6
    Old technologies, to cheap to invest in modern technologies and can\'t keep quality people.
    Provide us with the tools we need to do our jobs. LISTEN to us when we say
    Take the pad locks off your wallets and spend money to improve technology, don\'t buy the cheapest software and expect miracles to happen. Hire\\promote the right people, not inept friends, family members and lovers. Don\'t say you want to hear ideas when you don\'t mean it. Don\'t say you\'ll invest in those who invest in themselves when you don\'t mean it. Don\'t say you\'ll provide opportunities when you don\'t mean it.

  • Gamestop 3.8
    I love working with Gamestop
    work work work work work
    Managers should keep the strong bond with their employees.
    We should have more hours of availability.

  • G Maguire 2.9
    Felt very process driven, not strong on relationships
    More empathic listening.
    Greater levels of communication and feedback. Increased training.

  • FedEx 2.3
    Lots of hard labor was required.
    It\'s an okay place to work nothing out of the ordinary.
    Without my close employee friends this job would have been really tough.
    Managers are not really involved with the individual workers.
    Our leaders get what they ask of us.
    The faster we work the more productive we can be.
    The job requires lots of heavy lifting, more breaks would be advantages.
    I could use a higher pay.
    IF we had some managers to watch over us then portability productivity would increase.

  • FDNY 3.7
    For 28 plus years with FDNY I have always looked forward to going to work. How many people can say the same?
    It was awesome experience working here.
    disagreement on policy should not be taken personally
    yes they do give feedback to employees.

  • First Investors Corporation 2.4
    I am not happy with the internship program. I wish I could have learned more.
    As an intern, I did not feel like I gained enough from the experience.
    First Investors should be more professional in their approach to recruit new employees and have a better internship program.

  • Forever 21 4.2
    A well paying job with flexible hours.
    Being more social with customers.
    Management treats us very well.

  • Front Row Performance Coaching 3.5
    My front Row Coaching experience has been one of growth and learning, while following my passion.
    It has provided me the experience of a life time
    As the business is being started, keep striving to learn, and focus on the end result.
    As a new business, keep striving

  • Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library 4.8
    It helps me develop my communication skill and leadership skill, I know how to deal with the problem between co workers and facing challenge know how to work on it.
    I think the student who works over there are pretty good.
    it will be better if a night time supervisor is over there

  • 80success 3.1
    It\'s a learning experience which tells me what kind of behaviors will irritate your employee and that I should not make the same mistakes in my future career path.
    80success gave me more than i gave him.
    No way they can improve performance unless the leadership change their own attitude.
    the need to get a good and complete understanding of their employees
    Clear goals from the management team. Better communication between staff. Work more, talk less.
    the manager should have a good understanding of the employees and comebine their efforts and energy to help the company ,give them clear tasks and freedom to achieve the company\'s goal


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